Below are some testimonials from a few of my clients. 


These clients were so amazed at their coaching successes they wanted to share their exciting experiences.

Find Perspective!

Pauline provided a very valuable space in which I could explore a range of work related themes.  My job puts me under considerable pressure and it is often difficult to be able to step back, find perspective and challenge a few limiting assumptions.  Pauline helped me to do that and the impact was extremely positive.

Jo, London




Get Your Career on Track!


Through my coaching sessions with Pauline I have been able to create a career development plan for the next 12 months and beyond.  The coaching sessions have made me much more goal oriented - don't think about it - do it!  Pauline has made a profound difference to my life and career goals.


Wayne, Wolverhampton




Achieve Your Goals!


Amazing!  Everyone has noticed a difference in me!  Really and truly one of the best things I have ever done.  I achieved all my goals I set out to do and feel I have the strength and determination and courage to continue doing so.  I will be eternally grateful for everything Pauline has done to help me.  Everyone needs a Pauline in their life!


Helen, Kent




Stop Procrastinating!


I found my coaching sessions very positive and rewarding.  I had a major problem with procrastination and Pauline helped me tremendously and the end result has changed my mindset.  I have managed to do all the major things I had been putting off.  I have even booked my driving lessons which is something I had been putting  off for an eternity!  I will come back to Pauline again when the need arises!


Sarah, London




Get Your Groove On!


I was extremely impressed with my coaching sessions and pleasantly surprised with the results.  As a direct result of working with Pauline I managed to tackle situations that I had been avoiding such as taking a fitness class, passing two exams and being assertive in my personal life.  Planning goals and breaking them down in order to achieve them was hugely effective.


Karen, Wolverhampton




Identify Where to Spend Your Energy!


Coaching has helped me view aspects of my life in a structured and objective way, helping me identify what is important to me and what is not so I can ensure I am spending my energy on the right things.  It has made me more focused and helped me create action plans for both short and medium term goals.  Really beneficial.


Marina, London




Get Your Confidence Back!


The coaching I undertook with Pauline was brilliant.  I had reached a plateau in my career and didn't think I could do any more than I already was trying to get to where I wanted to be.  As we worked through each session, the agreed goals helped me to see so many other avenues that were actually right in front of me but had been clouded by my state of disillusionment at not being able to move forward.  The entire process was easy and comfortable and I now have an enormous amount of confidence in achieving my career goals, thanks to Pauline!


Mel, New Zealand


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