Coaching Programmes

"Professional Coaching is an investment.  You are investing in yourself, in your future, in the future of your family.  You can't put a price on that". - Pauline Couper


My coaching programmes are designed to be flexible enough to suit every budget.  Coaching is an important investment in your life and you need to know you are getting the best possible programme.


The Personal VIP Programme is designed for those people who are committed to making profound changes in their lives.


Personal VIP Programme

The Personal Gold Programme


Personal Gold Programme

The Personal Silver Programme


Personal Silver Programme

The Personal Bronze Programme


Personal Bronze Programme

Corporate and Executive Coaching Programmes


Corporate & Executive Programmes


Small Business Coaching Programmes


Small Business Coaching Programmes

I offer individual coaching sessions for your professional and private life.  Often, these two areas of your life are interrelated, but it might still make sense to focus on just one of the two areas first.


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