What Is Coaching?

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life coaching is all about you.  It's about your hopes, your dreams, and your desires to have a wonderfully successful, rewarding and happy life.  Coaching is about getting the very best out of you and helping you to work out what you want to do, what you need to do, how to do it and make decisions that will dramatically change your life for the better.


Life Coaching focuses on the practical steps needed to move you forward which will help you to accelerate your life and your career so that you can achieve everything you want in your life much more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible! 


Life Coaching is not counselling, and it is not therapy.  Life Coaches do not tell you what to do!  You are the person who know your life best.  What Life Coaches do is help you to work out what it is you want in your life, what it is you need to do to achieve it, and then support you along the way to help you reach your goals.


You will amaze yourself at your extraordinary ability to overcome any obstacle life may throw at you.  You will amaze yourself at your ability to make truly life-changing decisions and make those fantastic things happen.


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


How Long Are Coaching Sessions?

Each coaching session is either 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the Coaching Programme you choose and the time you have available to commit to each session.


What Do I Have To Do?

Most coaching sessions take place over the telephone.  Once we have agreed your coaching schedule you will call me at the appointed time and we start the session from there. 


If you live in the London area, face to face coaching sessions can be arranged at a convenient location to which either you, myself, or both of us will need to travel to for each session.


You also have to be 100% committed to the coaching process to get the best out of it.

Which Coaching Programme Should I Choose?

Coaching deals with an intentional change of your personality.  This does not happen from one day to the next.  Some clients make coaching an integral part of their life.  But perhaps right now you are only seeking help in a specific situation.  And that’s fine.  I recommend the Silver Programme to see significant changes in your life, or the VIP Programme in order to see lasting change.

Are Coaching Sessions Confidential?

Yes.  Confidentiality is key to our coaching relationship.  Nothing you tell me or we discuss will be passed on to anyone else unless you specifically request it with prior written consent.


Your privacy is important to me, your personal details will never be passed on to any third party.

When Can I Start?

You can start right now!


Contact Pauline Couper at Caterpillar Coaching to get started on transforming your life:


Phone:  +44 203 007 2361

Email:   info@caterpillar-coaching.co.uk

Skype:  caterpillar.coaching


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